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Follow Up Module

Missing follow-ups costs a lot. But, with SIMPLE, Missed follow-ups are no longer exist as our smart follow-up module will keep you updated with your upcoming meetings and calls using the 360° notifications system. In addition to showing a total overview of your follow-ups.

Smart Filtration

Getting the best outcome depends on the usage of a smart filtration. SIMPLE makes it possible to filter your leads, contacts, customers and accounts by various criteria such as how serious the client is, what’s his interests and how did he reach you.


Easy Importing

SIMPLE supports Excel (XLSX) format so you can easily import your data from your website, manually upload your data excel sheet and in case of Facebook leads, it’ll be imported automatically to the software (thanks to our Facebook integration).

Call Trigger

No more effort wasted on call logs. This great feature automatically logs your incoming and outgoing calls and messages on SIMPLE CRM.



If you desire to gain the global marketplace profit, then, you need to speak multi languages. That’s why, our SIMPLE speaks English, German and Arabic languages.


SIMPLE is waiting for your touch, make some MAGIC!

Adjust SIMPLE to fit your workflow not the other way around as we enable you to tailor your special features and hit the switch for other features that are not suitable for you.


Accurate Reports

SIMPLE accurate reports uncover the truth.

If you’re wondering whether you’re on the track or not. Our accurate reports will give you metrics and statistics regarding your employees’ achievements so that you’ll be able to evaluate them fairly.

You can also generate reports regarding your leads, actions, leads handles and overall SIMPLE activities.

Global Search

There are numerous pages in SIMPLE. However, you’ll never feel lost with our advanced global search feature which enables you to search everywhere for everything by just typing any word related to your need.



Simple dashboard shows you an overview of your current situation and how much progress you are achieving in simple descriptive visual insights and charts regarding your leads, customers, contacts, accounts, users assignment and handled actions, etc.

Automated Assignment

You can either manually assign the leads to your sales members or let SIMPLE do the job by automatically assigning the leads based on your organization-wide record distribution process or the round-robin process.

You can also create your customized assignment rule!


Effectively Data Management

First Rule: No Data, No Sales.

So, SIMPLE makes it easy for you to manage all your data up there, move leads from agent to another, handle the duplicates with easy procedures and the most important part is the ability to backup your data anytime.

So, when It comes to data management. You can count on SIMPLE.

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